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With this desk promoted and managed free of charge by the Valide Alternatives for integration association, with the professional support of VALORE SPA / Studio 3A we try to give a concrete, transparent and professional support to the victims and their families who need information to defend one’s rights. The role of the association is limited to that of information and the awareness of institutions and citizenship towards the protection of the rights of victims of accidents. Consultation requests are collected, forwarded and monitored to ensure that everyone receives a response from Studio 3A.

We are always looking for trainees and volunteers of various origins for the promotion activity.

Below we present the training course:

  • organization of a press conference /
  • event launch of translation information and site
  • content and social media channels
  • planning information campaigns and awareness raising monitoring requests received through the online form so that they receive professional answers
  • participation at work tables among the promoters
  • managing formal relationship with the institutions that offer sponsorship of the initiative (eg embassies and consulates)