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Dear Mihaela,

Despite the very short time we met and I spent at your association Valide Alternative, I would like to convey to you my positive impression. I observed an Italian class which you well delivered. I enjoyed the diversity in your classroom and how you make everyone feel comfortable. I still remember some confident smiles and how you allowed everyone to express themselves. You have a wonderful ability to bring the good out of people.

The projects which you are running to make people feel welcome and assist their integration in the Italian society are wonderful.  I think it is noble of you to carry on your convictions especially now in Europe where more voices are calling for shutting doors against other people.

I look forward to cooperate with you and I would love to be part of Valide Alternative.

Grazie Mille!

  Tarik Oumazzane (Nottingham Trent University), 

    President of  Elbiya Association for Development andNottingham Institute for Languages and Culture